Exceptional initiations
offered only in Costinesti Camp

Initiation in the beneficial state of romantic trance

A practical method to self-induce a purely beneficial state of romantic trance, that gives the practitioner access to certain paradisiacal parallel realms of the Astral Universe, and to a wide range of paranormal phenomena.

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The Great God Indra, king of all gods

The Vedic tradition considers Indra as the greatest of warriors and the most powerful of all beings, the protector of gods and of the whole mankind against the evil.

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Svarga Loka,
the realm of gods

For a huma being initiated in esoteric aspects and who aspires to a fast spiritual evolution, understanding the nature and the manifestation of the realm of gods is a necessary stage in the path towards the spiritual liberation (moksha).

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Krishna helps us
transcend duality

The Great God Krishna, who was one of the avatars of Vishnu on Earth, helps the sincere worshipper to attain unconditional love, wisdom, and liberation for the ”karmic chains”, be they good, or bad.

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Kalki, the 10th avatar of Vishnu

During the periods of decline of the mankind, the Preserver of Creation (Vishnu) descends into the world as an avatar, in order to re-establish harmony and give an impulse to the human beings to regain the path of genuine moral and spiritual values.

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During Costinesti 2018 Camp the initiation on Vishnu will be offered for the first time. This is an initiation long awaited, especially by those who participated in the previous years to the exceptional meditations of communion with Vishnu.