The Great Cosmic Power Matangi


The Great Cosmic Power
of Universal Order and Harmony

The Yogi Spiritual Holiday Camp Costinesti 2018 is integrated within the force sphere of the Great Cosmic Power Matangi. Among the ten Great Cosmic Powers, Matangi is the ninth, the Cosmic Power of universal order and wisdom. The immense force sphere of the Great Cosmic Power Matangi is that subtle, ineffable field that directs and organizes the whole Manifestation, according to the Divine Plan which God the Father has established and meant.

For the limited human mind, this grandiose godly cosmic plan and this intrinsic godly order remain, most of the time, a great mystery. We could even be tempted to think that hazard or chaos are the ones that govern the Universe. However, a thorough analysis will show that planets are precisely ordered in solar systems, and they do go astray their orbs, electrons spin within the atom without getting mixed up, there is a precise succession of the seasons and, generally speaking, any aspect of the Manifestation, whether we are aware of it or not, obeys a mysterious Godly Order. The godly creative energy (Shakti, in Sanskrit) that creates and sustains this divine macrocosmic order is known, in the Tantric tradition, as Matangi, the ninth Maha Vidya.

An organism, not a mechanism

The order that governs the whole Macrocosm is the direct result of the concerted action of godly Laws. These laws are nothing else than the expression of God the Father's almighty will. It is important to understand that the order generated by the godly Laws is not mechanical, as in a mechanism created by man, but it is the live, fluid order and organization specific to an immense organism. As a matter of fact, the words organism and organization have, not by chance, the same origin.

Just as in any living organism that communicates with its environment, develops, multiplies etc., there is a perfect organization which keeps it altogether and allows it to evolve, the same is valid for the whole Macrocosm, due to the action of the same godly Laws. To organize means to make something work organically, assigning tasks and coordinating them according to a superior plan, which is always adequate.

Everything is intertwined

From this perspective we realize that, in order to harmoniously co-operate, all the so-called "parts" of the whole are by necessity intimately and mysteriously connected to all the other parts. Ancient tantric wisdom, confirmed by certain recent scientific discoveries, states that the whole Macrocosm is in reality not a heterogeneous assembly of material bodies, more or less separated, but a gigantic network or fabric (Tantra, in Sanskrit) of instantaneous interactions which unify, in a holographic manner, all aspects and all parts of the universe with the Whole or the Macrocosm.

The force sphere of the Great Cosmic Power Matangi is the one that organizes, in a way that is unknown by the ignorant ones, every single event that constitute the fabric or the texture of our individual existence, which intertwines with the fabric of the existences of all other beings, under the direct incidence of the godly Laws (such as the Law of Karma, the Law of Occult Resonance etc.). Nothing is by chance. Whatever ”happens” is nothing but the necessary result of multiple interactions, arranged and ordered by Matangi within the immense Macrocosmic Game. This is why through the grace of the Great Cosmic Power Matangi take place all synchronicities and serialities that amaze us, all the so-called divine signs by which we are guided, taught, or helped to understand or to perceive, even by an intuitive glimpse, the Great Godly Plan.


She reveals our purpose in life and leads us to the Spiritual Guide

The Great Cosmic Power Matangi is, first of all, intimately correlated with the aspect of godly wisdom and with the notion of spiritual purpose or mission, the path that should be taken to achieve spiritual perfection, or Dharma. Matangi should be fervently called upon by all mediocre aspirants who still have to deal with inferior states such as disorder, dispersion, incoherence, meaningless existence, lack of understanding of one's fundamental purpose. The Great Cosmic Mother inspires and helps us to understand our purpose or mission in this existence.

Another very important aspect of Matangi is the power to express the Divine Truth, which includes any form of language and any symbolism. This is why we might say that the gigantic force sphere of Matangi encompasses and influences the manifestation of the spiritual guides, who teach their disciples mainly through the spoken word. Thus, Matangi governs the teachings of any authentic spiritual guide, and at a more general level the continuity of the spiritual traditions in this world. This is why the adoration of Matangi overlaps, to a certain extent, with the adoration of the spiritual guide. Those who seek to teach others, and especially those who wish to reveal spiritual teachings to the masses are especially blessed and inspired by Matangi's grace, if of course they act in a proper way and if they are divinely integrated in those circumstances.

Freedom is necessity understood

With the help of the Great Cosmic Power Matangi, everything in the Macrocosm arranges perfectly and is placed according to God's will, exactly as it should be, and not otherwise. As we become more and more aware of this order, the godly Laws cease to appear restrictive or coercing, on the contrary, we begin to understand their mysterious necessity. By deeply understanding this necessity, we reach an ineffable state of spiritual inner freedom and we attain wisdom.

Through the grace of the Great Cosmic Power Matangi we will perceive, full of ecstasy, the ineffable godly presence that continuously guides our steps and that orders all events in life in such a way that the whole universe and life itself reveal themselves to us as they truly are: an open book of the initiation, filled with endless grace, into godly mysteries.